Cecile Poignant » cooking is a political act !

cooking is a political act !


I was lucky to be part of a new initiative imagined by Sphères a strategic design consultancy company based in Paris.

They decides to launch Croisement(s) a new kind of talks / debate between two people that never met before !

I met  Guillaume Sanchez who is a young French Chef, he just wrote a book named Humains 

The aim of Croisement(s) is to bring interesting questions and new ways of seeing our time and habits .

From the production to the processing, from the distribution to the preparation, from sharing through to health issues and the mindful fantasies it conjures up, eating has become a major political issue in today’s society. Who has never sat down to enjoy a meal and asked themselves where the ingredients came from ? Who produced them ? How was it all processed ? Is it healthy to eat ?

Hope you enjoy our talk!

PS : you can put some english subtitles when watching on Youtube with the small wheel ;)

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