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Shaping a picture of what the future will look like is essential to stay ahead of the game. Cecile Poignant help brands envisage this picture, evidencing what the future concerns of consumers will be, specially on the long term trends. She advices companies to develop product ranges and marketing messages that will reflect this future. She works for the world of interiors, electronics, retail, beauty amongst other industries. 

She gathers research from a broad range of sectors including technology, economics, media, design and analyse what emerging signals can mean for a product or a service.  Cecile Poignant detects innovative concepts, she frames the information and filter the trends to only give what is relevant. 

Cecile grew a reputation for her thought provoking presentations and accuracy at predicting future trends and developing strategies for L’Oréal, Nissan, Philips ….

She provides made-to-measure trend studies for brands in various industries to bring a modern and avant-garde approach.

Trend Keynotes & Workshops
Poignant hosts international trend seminars and conduct dedicated workshops for a team, a conference or a trade show. Those sessions often include brainstorm and strategic discussions regarding a specific focus and can be tailored to any particular needs.

Trend Research &  Visualization
Expert in trend analysis & design inspiration, Poignant knows the products and technologies of the future. She helps companies  to understand the latest trends & innovations that will influence an industry. She interprets these innovations to  particular needs.

Trend Training & Education
Poignant loves to share with students and adults. Her teaching method is very interactive with dynamic workshops and curated videos.

Some brands and schools she has successful work with: