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cpoignantFrench slow-foodista, perfume amateur, found of books, words and graphics, I spend hours on my devices to discover new things. I also love walking in nature to chill out. Dark chocolate and genmaicha tea are my favorite greeds.

I remain curious as when I was a child. I love to be alive and awake to the world. It amazes me so much. Learning and understanding are just essential to my well-being.

At 24, after an Art school and a focus on Fashion, I found my job : trend forecaster. With this dream job I could do what I really love: observe the world around me, analyze behaviors and share the result with others.

I have been a part of the trend forecasting family for a long time. It’s about spotting and analyzing – in an intuitive way – all kind of things: from current events, to consumer behaviors and artistic productions. Then by creating links between all these elements, build a grid to identify truly deep trends.
Finding the signal in the noise is my favorite daily task !

I hunt and gather information from all fields: food, travel, art, fashion, technology, healthcare … From this wealth of disciplines, I help global companies to cross-pollinate ideas and define long term goals.
My main focus is Lifestyle Trend Forecasting, including Brand Identity and Brand Content. Over the years I have worked on a lot of projects from luxury to mass market – from perfume to cars, food to design …

My work is translated in different ways: keynotes, mood boards,videos, 3D installations, sensory experiences, magical boxes …

I love teaching and sharing with students. I often do lectures in Business and Art Schools, speaking about Trends, Internet and Social Media to help them to better understand the third industrial revolution.

Currently I am  curator and editor of Trend Tablet, a free access resource for creatives, I am also Innovation Teacher at Parsons Paris and creator of a road trip event : TRENDxCHANGE soon in HongKong after London, Amsterdam and Paris.

More details on the services I provide to help brands are here 




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  1. James

    Hello Cecile

    Like you, I am a great fan of Paris.

    I have lived and had a great time here for over 20 years, but I couldn’t help thinking that there was something missing.

    So, I recently created a new brand and logo for Paris which is called Parisgreat. It is intended to celebrate and promote everything that is wonderful about this superb city. To be enjoyed and used by visitors, admirers and Parisians alike, it is a new and bold initiative to give Paris a strong visual identity, as one of the greatest cities in the world.

    The project was launched on Instagram (@parisgreat) and features both Parisians and visitors describing why they feel that Paris is great for them. This will be supported by a website, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. An e-shop has also been created to sell a limited range of items (parisgreat.the-shop.co).

    I have seen your Instagram account and website and would be very interested in sharing my ideas with you and seing if there is any way of collaborating.

    Please let me know if you are interested.

    Best regards,


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