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Low-tech factory

We are living in a world where high tech is a major topic. Most often, new in our world is synonymous of more powerful, speeder, faster, further… It’s an endless quest. Sometimes we just forget about the simplest way to do things. Every action doesn’t need an elaborate tool or a brand new product or a lot of energy. It  can be done differently.  And one of the answer is Low Tech,  a growing major Deep Trend. We see more and more projects developed with that idea.

“Low-Tech Factory” is one of the latest project realized by students at ECAL – a famous Swiss university for Art and Design. During an exhibition,  a selection of machines designed by Bachelor’s and Master’s students of Industrial Design and Product  were presented.

“Low-Tech Factory” tackles the subject of automatic production beloved by designers, bringing together six entertaining machines which throughout the exhibition produce mirrors, hats, sacks, toys, lamps, and even popcorn!

I particularly enjoyed “Rocking-Knit”,  a new interpretation of the rocking chair which offers its user productive moments of relaxation. And, you don’t even need to know knitting!


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