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Black garlic

photo by foodistable

There is an important trend and fascination with black food: wild rice, balsamic vinegar …. because it is uncommon and some how weird and strange to eat black food. There are still unusual products to discover such as black garlic. It’s a real garlic that’s been through a 3-week fermentation process and a 1-week drying process, using a variety of temperatures and humidity levels.The unique colour, taste, and texture of this product are accomplished without any additives.

It has a tender, gelatinous texture, which melts in your mouth like stewed fruit or prunes. Chefs have likened it to a liquorice wine gum.While relatively new to the commercial market, black garlic has long been produced in Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia.

Japenese research has shown that the health benefits of black garlic are nearly double those found in it’s raw form. The garlic species with the most healing properties is Korean Six Clove Black Garlic, generating many useful bacteria for the intestines, enhancing immunity as well as helping to decrease our blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

Black food got a healthy future!

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